Credi2 as an employer

Have you ever considered joining a startup? You’ve probably heard a lot about flat hierarchies, team spirit, flexible working hours and short decision-making processes. Surely you’ve also heard about the variety of tasks you’ll be offered there and the experience you’ll gain if you bring your own initiative. Credi2 is a fast-growing fintech company from Vienna that develops “pay later” solutions for renowned banks, payment service providers and retailers.

How satisfied are employees at Credi2?

Our team grows every month. The satisfaction of our team is our top priority, which is why we regularly measure how well our team members like working at Credi2. For this purpose we use the “Employee Net Promoter Score” (eNPS). It measures satisfaction on the basis of the recommendation indicator. In May 2021 we asked how likely our employees were to recommend Credi2 as an employer to friends and acquaintances. Depending on the degree of satisfaction, the indicator ranges from -100 to +100, with a score between 10 and 30 already being considered good. The Credi2 score is an excellent 48.4!

Your dream job at Credi2

Work-life balance, a pleasant working environment and a nice team as well as a lot of creative freedom are among the most important criteria that our employees place on their dream job. Naturally we wanted to know to what extent Credi2 meets these requirements and where we can still improve. If 80% or more of the participants think that an aspect that is important to them is fulfilled, then we can speak of a “dream job”. If the percentage is between 50% and 80%, then the employer is on the right track; if it is less than 50%, it should improve. 

Our result makes us really proud: 80% of our employees say that we offer a dream workplace regarding the following criteria: pleasant working environment & nice team, creative freedom, short decision-making processes, family friendliness, secure workplace, internationality and image. 

We achieved the highest level of satisfaction for family friendliness and image, among other things. In addition, our colleagues believe that their workplace is 100% safe. Of course we are not flawless. But our colleagues confirm that we are on the right track in many important areas, such as the work-life balance and the opportunities for career advancement. We are determined to constantly improve – we promise! 



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