#1 BNPL platform.For merchants.

The BNPL-as-a-service platform for e-Commerce and POS.

Credi2's white-labeled pay later platform allows you take 100% control of revenue growth and funnel management. ISO 27001 & 27701 certified.

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Let's grow your business.

With the right retail financing product.

Credi2 has everything you need to run your own buy now, pay later (BNPL) financing solutions. Seamlessly integrated with your eCommerce or Point of Sale business.

  • Design your 'payment journey' spot on
  • Leverage our automated BNPL-as-a-service platform
  • Skip additional IT and operation hassles
  • Easily integrate with APIs and Plug&Ins

Key platform features

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  • Merchant platform modules
  • Retail financing methods
  • Multiple solution options
  • Merchant platform modules

    Our merchant-led BNPL-as-a-service platform gives you the flexibility to choose the BNPL modules which fit your business best.

    Credi2 has essential BNPL core features for merchants and consumers.

    Merchant Portals
  • Retail financing methods

  • Multiple solution options

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In-house development and operation?

We'll liberate you.

Rakete - innovators


  1. Definition of solution requirements
  2. User journeys/prototypes
  3. Technical specs
  4. Integration needs
  5. Operation and SLAs


  1. Tailoring of platform modules
  2. Specific client integration needs
  3. Risk and legal alignments
  4. Process setup
  5. Tests and go live


  1. IT operation
  2. Data maintenance
  3. Campaign management
  4. Merchant support
  5. Customer service

More growth. More control.

We'll do that for you.

  1. Easy integration via API or plug&in. We run IT, processes and operate everything for you. Incl. customer support if needed.
  2. Pick the best retail financing method to acclerate sales: Split pay, pay per invoice, instalment loans or game changing subscription payment
  3. Faster pay out. Better liquitity. Better commercial rates.
  4. Own your business at better conversions. Higher customer satisfaction. A just better customer life time value and therefore incremental growth.

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