Sales retail financing.For Merchants.

Increase revenue by pushing conversions and grow basket size.

BNPL is the prerequisite to reach a new generation of consumers by offering their preferred payment method. With adding BNPL-as-a-Service you can increase sales and improve customer lifetime value. Best of all, go live in weeks.

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Consumers lovebuy now, pay later


of buy now, pay later

users are from

Gen Y & Z. 

Source. eMarketer

+ 30%

e-commerce check out rates.

Source: Credi2 GmbH


of consumers are less

financially dependent

and more flexible

with BNPL.

Source: Credi2 study, 2021

eCommerce & point of sale benefits

Grow with a game changing retail financing solution.

  1. Push conversions by 15-30%,
  2. Address the 'rent' vs. 'own' trend of Gen Y & Z with subscription payments,
  3. Optimize 100% of the customer journey, and
  4. Increase transaction transparency & boost customer satisfaction.
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  • “Thanks to the cooperation with credi2, we can reach even more customers with the Cyberport subscription model for Apple products.”

    René Bittner
    CEO procurement


  • Raiffeisen Bank International

    “Our partnership with credi2 has been key for establishing a fully digital 360° solution for our merchants. The necessary modules integrate seamlessly into our existing infrastructure and are highly configurable.”

    Petro Merkulov
    Head of Retail Products


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  • "With the credi2 platform we further automated our lending business, saved costs and shortened our time-to-market."

    Dr. Michael Reinhart
    Chairman of the Mgmt Board


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Best Sales Financing?We'll do that for you.

Offer your consumers the ideal retail financing methods to grow your business. Easily increase basket size, conversions and therefore revenues.

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  • Pay per invoice
  • Split pay
  • Installment loan
  • Revolving credit
  • Subscription
  • Pay per invoice

    Consumers pay the purchase balance by invoice after a term of typically 14 days - free of interest. This financing flexiblity also works seamlessly with return management of goods.

  • Split pay

    The fastest installment in 3-5 min allows to typcially pay later in 3-12 monthly installments. Depending on the credit score typcially up to €5,000.

  • Installment loan

    Installment loan

    A fully fletched credit in 5-10 min drives sales for high value products or big baskets up to e.g. €50,000. Duration can be flexible adjusted and installments can go to 84 months.

  • Revolving credit

    This credit based product offers consumers maxium flexibility in terms of installment rates, credit duration and repayments options in combination with a fix credit line.

  • Subscription

    Rent instead of own. Reach new target groups and push conversion and repurchase rates. Offer Gen Y & Z maximum financing flexibilty incl. automated product upgrades and leverage the circluar economy.

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Pay later solution casesfor merchants

Rent instead of own. Offer max. financing flexibilty incl. automated product upgrades, even lower prices and leverage the circluar economy.

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  • eCommerce
  • Point of sale
  • Subscription
  • eCommerce

    Nowdays buy now, pay later financing methods are responsible for up to 70% of check outs. Furthermore they push revenues by up to 15-30% in many verticals by attracting new incremental target groups like Gen Y & Z. Offering popluar split pay or pay on invoice payments based on your own white-labled BNPL platform comes with more control, better commercial rates und ultimatly more revenue. Banks and retail can leverage their unique advantages through credi2's pay later platform.

  • Point of sale

    Consumers expect a seamless omni-channel expierence and therefore the same payment flexiblity at the physcial POS. With modern, easy to use, fast and 100% digital retail financing methods like installment loans, split pay or pay on invoice consumers can be served with the same advantages known from eCommerce. By reliefing store staff from complex processes. By that retailers benefit from higher shopping baskets and more revenue. Banks and Retail can unleash this untapped potential.

  • Subscription

    Driven by sustainability, circular economy and the rent vs. own reality modern subscription methods envolved, going beyond known retail financing advantages. Increasing avg. shopping baskets by 20%, trippling repurchase rates and massivley driving customer life time value (CLV) subscriptions is what Gen Y & Z expect. Retailers will therefore benefit when introducing this hardware-as-a-service solution with their own branding, tailored integration and perfectly synced customer journey.

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More flexibility for your customers. More revenue for you.

Reach new target groups at any channel where they expect to served. With maximum payment flexibility. With best user experience.

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  • Offer maxium financing flexibility with the best fit for your product.

  • Leverage the "rent" vs. "own" trend for Generation Y & Z

  • Connect with the best user expierence to provide maxium payment convienence.

  • Sync the online payment convience with the POS reality.

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Merchants leverage the following advantages:

1. Trust and relationship with existing partnering bank

2. Customer trust in established bank

3. Labeling BNPL service with merchant branding and deep intergration

4. Reduction of operational effort and costs at the merchant

5. Reown customer journey and data to optimize Customer life time value

The payout comes from the bank operating the BNPL solution.

In most cases credi2 operates the customer service on behalf of the bank for technical and consumer related support.

Yes. That's one of the core advantages of white label based BNPL solutions.