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Our payment solutions are built for the 21st century: beautifully designed, intuitive to use and seamlessly integrating into our digital world. This is why renowned companies such as Apple, Volkswagen Bank and Raiffeisen Bank International have put their trust in us – and we have the chance to reach millions of their end consumers with our solutions.


Meet our founders.

[credi2] was founded 2015 in Vienna by Daniel, Jörg and Michael to create innovative pay-later and financing products for the 21th century.

Our expertise combined with the operational ability to deliver outstanding products have made us the first choice for leading global banks and companies.

Michael Handler | CTO | LinkedIn
Daniel Strieder | CEO | LinkedIn
Jörg Skornschek | COO | LinkedIn

Meet our team.

At [credi2] people from various disciplines and whole Europe work closely together:

IT, marketing, sales, business intelligence, risk & compliance, customer service, business development and project management. With these mixed teams hardly a day goes by without learning something from each other and laughing together.


People and companies we work with.

In cooperation with Cyberport, we offer a subscription model throughout Germany that enables customers to finance Apple products.
With cashpresso we offer an extremely fast and simple “Buy now, pay later” payment method for retailersl and private customers.
For the Braunschweigische Landessparkasse we offer an express credit limit as an alternative to the traditional overdraft facility.
On behalf of Volkswagen Bank, we have developed a tailor-made solution for bicycle dealers and their customers.
cashpresso is recognized as the best payment solution, especially due to the increasing importance of the installment purchase, and wins the German E-Commerce Award.
[credi2] was voted 12th by the top-class trend jury.
cashpresso took first place with 4.9 out of 5 stars in the "Payment Service" category of the LangZeitTest 2020.